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Founded in 1998 in Pedorido, Aveiro, the brand was initially called Cindicalfe.

In 2003 with the company’s expansion policy the Flex&Go brand was born.

Flex&Go develops, sells and offers support to a series of footwear lines. The brand has a team of specialized professionals, who are always in tune with the new market trends and the most innovative techniques.

Among the most well-known products of this brand are the lines whose name relates to the way they are manufactured: Stitch&Turn. This way of manufacturing shoes is a technique where the upper part of the shoe is sewn to the sole invertedly, so that the shoe easily adapts to the foot’s shape and is visually more attractive, thus providing more comfort when you walk. 

Flex & Go adds new concepts and values in each collection it develops.

It combines technology to tradition, thus creating footwear that is perfectly in step with comfort and design.


The Flex & Go is designed and created in Portugal by people who love what they do. The only way to stay fully satisfied is to do what we believe is a great job, and the only way to do great work is to do what we like. And that's ... the shoes is our passion!

The process of creating the Flex & Go footwear is unique. We use the best techniques and a vast knowledge to deliver not only footwear but a promise and a commitment.

Our products are made by soft leather and natural materials. The best way to see and feel our shoes is to try it. Come visit us at our factory.


Flex & Go is made from people to people. Our people is our greatest asset and it is through the commitment and dedication of our employees that Flex & Go is now one of the best footwear brands in the world.

Our doors are always open to dynamic people who want to be part of our family and share our vision. If you are interested in joining our company, please send your CV to our e-mail: info@flexgo.pt

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